2020 Events
January 15 and 16 · Movement Lab · Barnard College, New York
Livable Futures open rehearsal as part of Norah Zuniga Shaw's Climate Gathering work

2019 Events
May 7 and 9 · Studio Theater · University of San Francisco
9 Lifeboats workshop performance with vocalist Sidney Chen, for Dr. Alexandra Amati’s Music Appreciation and Professor Au Yong’s Music and Social Protest courses (student musician/instructors Sophie Barajas, Nolan Carlen, Indira Edwards, Angèle Griffin, Adelaide Hicks, Eden Nobile, Valerie Zarate)

Velina Brown leads participants in a 9 Lifeboats workshop performance
2018 Events
November 28 · Artistic Practice Toward Urban Resilience · Kanbar Forum
Presentations by composer Byron Au Yong and architect/designer Sara Dean in conversation with environmental engineer Mark Stacey and environmental policy expert Mark Lubell—researchers who study sea level rise to predict future flooding, impacts on transportation systems, effects of coastal infrastructure, and the complexities of regional decision-making
9 Lifeboats launched with 20-minute workshop performance led by Byron Au Yong with instructor/musicians Velina Brown and Benjamin Pither
September 13 · Artists Respond to Climate Change · Fisher Bay Observatory
Byron Au Yong, Sara Dean, and Rosten Woo discuss art and design as tools—for communicating about climate change, inspiring civic agency, and building resiliency into physical, intellectual, and emotional spaces
Additional planning meetings at the Exploratorium held January 10, February 28, April 25, July 2, August 6, October 15, and October 17, 2018

Fisher Bay Observatory at the Exploratorium
2017 Events
September 26 · Kickoff · Fisher Bay Observatory
Artists Byron Au Yong and Sara Dean meet with RISeR scientists, engineers, and Exploratorium staff
May 22 · Symposium · Fisher Bay Observatory
The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Creativity Connects funded Artistic Practice toward Urban Resilience (APUR) engages artists to help communicate the complicated and multidimensional planning issues related to sea level rise by working with team members of the National Science Foundation funded project called Resilience of Infrastructure as Seas Rise (RISeR) at the Exploratorium
Additional planning meetings at the Exploratorium held October 3, and December 20, 2017

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Photos courtesy of the Exploratorium
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